Tips for a Greener Home

Sustainability is not just about living a greener lifestyle but people making a few changes to their everyday lives to help combat climate change, making it easier for society to be more sustainable. It has undoubtedly taken a long time to get the message through that people do need to make changes, but more and more are now aware of the damage being done to the planet, and they actively want to help. Here are a few tips that will help reduce the impact of individual homes on the environment.

Reduce Electricity Use

There are several ways that a person can reduce their use of electricity. The first is to take the straightforward task of changing lightbulbs to LED versions. They last much longer than the older style lightbulbs, they don’t contain chemicals, and they don’t use as much energy. The next step is to change where possible to energy-efficient appliances. Look for an Energy Star logo, which indicates that the device uses less electricity. However, it is essential to remember that old appliances should be recycled where possible. And don’t forget to switch off appliances that are not in use, if you can.

Cut Plastic Use

Single-use plastic is doing a lot of damage to the environment, and it is important to reduce how much of it is used. This will lower the demand for the manufacturing of single-use plastic, and businesses will find more sustainable alternatives. The most obvious example of this is the use of plastic shopping bags. Most supermarkets and other shops have now either switched to paper bags or levy a charge on the plastic bag to discourage their use, and nearly all offer ‘bags for life’, which are either very sturdy plastic bags that can be reused or are made from canvas.

Reduce Water Use

There are a number of ways to reduce water consumption without it having a dramatic impact on daily life. Opt for low-flow showerheads, taps and toilets that use less water. Using showers instead of taking baths can save a great deal of water, and timing the shower, so you aren’t spending an excessive amount of time in there will help too. Actively remember not to leave taps running when you are doing something else, and it will prevent you from using more water than you need.