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Data talks.
Add your voice.
Change the world.

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Have your say on what’s important

What global issues are the most important for businesses to tackle to reduce their impact? Everyone has a different opinion, but your voice matters. Tell us what you care about and join the movement to help businesses become better. 

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Get a seat at the boardroom table

What you care about matters, and businesses  know it. Our world-first software converts the issues you care about into clear and actionable insights for businesses to reference as they work towards their sustainability goals.

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See the changes businesses are making

Every accredited business listed on our platform is working towards their own sustainability goals. See the actions they’re taking to achieve these, and get updates when businesses are doing new things to reduce their impact in areas you care about.

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Find great businesses doing good stuff

All of the businesses listed on our app are transparent about the actions they’re taking to be more sustainable. Buy what you need while supporting retailers who value the same things you do.


See the difference we're making together

Using the Conscious Consumer impact framework, businesses and consumers are working together to achieve amazing things. Join the community, share your values and be the change you want to see in the world. 

Learn more about the impact framework

“Giving people the power through purchase. Love it. And we can track our investments in our values! The way of the future is this present. Nice work team 👍🏻”

— Preston, 2017

“Knowing what your customers want is important if you want to stay in business. If you see something positive, you want to stick to it. Our dedication to making things better can have a significant impact.”
— Conor, Mexicali Fresh Co-Founder

Conscious Consumer registered businesses are spread across multiple industries all around New Zealand.


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