Renewable Energy Sources

There are several different options for renewable energy sources. The benefits are that electricity can be produced cleanly and at a relatively low cost, with little or no environmental damage.

Solar energy is probably the most popular form of renewable energy. The sun provides us with an endless supply of energy, and it can be used to heat our homes, cool them and provide light. Rooftop panels are the best option for a domestic property, but utility companies have been developing large farms of solar panels to provide the energy they need for their customers.

Wind energy is harnessed with the help of turbines, and this is a form of energy that has been in use for centuries. While there have been disputes about the siting of wind farms and concerns about their impact on wildlife, this is fast becoming the second most popular type of renewable energy.

Hydroelectricity is the process of creating electricity from the flow of water. Hydroelectricity plants are situated on rivers, where the water powers water wheels and that energy is captured for use. This is not the greenest option, but it is an effective one in some parts of the world.