Changes to our Business Terms & Conditions


16 April 2018


Below is a list of updates we have made to specific clauses in our Business Terms & Conditions:



Added the following entries to Sub-Clause 1.1 Definitions:

"Commencement Date" means the date that the Participant returns a signed copy of their Contract for Services to the sales representative they have been dealing with.
“Contract for Services” means the document that includes: particulars of the services to be delivered, their charges, and signed agreement to the contract by both parties.
“Direct Debit” means the payment method that Ezypay employs to collect payments of the Services fee from the Participant.
“Ezypay” means the direct debit agent authorised to deduct funds from the Participant’s bank account for payment of the Services fee.
“Minimum engagement period”: means the minimum period that the Participant agrees to engage Conscious Consumers for their Services, as outlined in clause 2.2.



Added details of our Minimum Engagement Period.



Changed the payment method referred to from automatic payment to Direct Debit.

Added details about Ezypay's payment authority.



Added reference to the Minimum Engagement Period for new business participants signing up for our services.



1. Fees

Changed the method we use to agree on Fees from email correspondence to completion of a Contract for Services.

2. Addresses for Notices

Updated the Name and Email notices should be addressed to.

3. Account (now Account & Payment)

Added description of payment method, including hyperlink to Ezypay's Terms & Conditions.