Our journey began in 2010 when the 42collective, a registered charity, launched our voluntary cafe accreditation programme with a handful of cafes on Cuba Street, Wellington. In 2011 our cafe programme was rolled out in Auckland and Hamilton.



In 2012 we secured funding from the Ministry for the Environment and local councils to revamp Conscious Consumers. In early 2013 we launched our hospitality accreditation programme and smartphone application. Between 2013 - 14 we accredited over 300 businesses, supported businesses to adopt over 150 new sustainable practices, and established a membership base of 40,000 consumers. 



In 2015 we consulted consumers and businesses on how to make Conscious Consumers better. We then raised almost $100,000 through a successful crowdfunding campaign to build the world's first Good Spend Counter. A pilot of the  Good Spend Counter was kicked off in November 2015. Our world first technology enables businesses to track the spending of their customers, gain insights into what their customers care about and reward them for their good spending.. 


The 42collective was quick to realise that  our new technology has so much potential to create positive change in the world that in early 2016 they decided to establish Conscious Consumers Ltd to raise investment and really help our idea take-off. We are now expanding into the food retail and clothing industries and look forward to updating you on our plans!