Being accredited is a recognition and endorsement of the great work that our committed businesses are already doing, and makes it easy for people to find businesses who are taking action in areas they care about.

Connecting businesses and consumers


Now updated to reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our accreditation highlights the actions businesses are taking to tackle key sustainability issues.
You can feel confident in our accreditation process, knowing that we incorporate credible certifications, standards and NGO programme ratings into all our product badge standards, including the Fairtrade Mark, Biogro Organics, Child Labour free, carboNZero and Living Wage Aotearoa and work in partnership with these certifiers and NGOs.

When businesses become accredited they must provide verification evidence that they comply with our standards. Businesses are re-appraised every two years to ensure on-going compliance with our standards.

Our goal is to create a world-class accreditation system. As a first step we have become an ISEAL subscriber and are working towards membership.

Actions speak louder than words

There are no pre-emptive ‘gold stars’ awarded here! To be an accredited business under the Conscious Consumer framework, a retailer must make a sustainability pledge and prove that they can meet the criteria for:

At least 3 operational badges

At least 1 product badge

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Our Badges


Our Badges reflect sustainable practices in business operations and products that respect people, our planet and animals, and represent issues that are important to 'conscious' consumers. There are currently 30 badges available, and these cover industries as diverse as hospitality, food, retail, transport and financial services.

Our operational badges focus on a retailer’s business operations that help to minimise waste, take action on climate change, care for their staff and support our communities.
Our product badges relate to products offered by retailers that are made in ways that value animal welfare, care for workers, avoid pollutions & toxins, or help protect ecosystems.

Each of our badges have a standard that retailers, suppliers and brands must meet in order to receive them.


Curious about how we measure impact?

To learn more about our badges and our accreditation framework, download the free version of our Impact Framework.