Transactions in the new app

  • All users of the new app have one or more payment cards registered on the platform

  • Transactions made with registered cards can be seen in the Profile page on the new app
  • Please contact us via if you need to add a new payment card to your account

Accessing our new app on your phone

It's easy to access your account whenever you want — without downloading an app!

Follow these instructions

Why is Conscious Consumers running a prototype?

  • We are rebuilding and improving our products

  • We want to test new product ideas with a small pool of committed Conscious Consumers

  • We intend to improve the prototype and re-launch in New Zealand in July, and the UK later in 2018

Will I need to download a new app?

  • No, we are using a Progressive Web App (PWA) so you can access your account on a desktop and/or your mobile phone

Can I still use my Conscious Consumers mobile app during the prototype?

  • Yes, your app will still be usable during the prototype
  • We will set up a duplicate account for registered users for the prototype

Will I need to change my Conscious Consumers account?

  • No, your values and payment card token (we don’t store card details) will be transferred to the new platform automatically

  • You will receive a one-time link via email to access your account on the new platform when we are ready to launch

  • Launch will be during May 2018

How does ‘Choose a Reward’ work?

  • At participating businesses your spending will track towards a target. Once the target is reached you will have the option to select from between 2-5 options.
  • The options may include:
    • Receive a discount
    • Pass on to a friend
    • Donate discount to charity
    • Donate to 'plant a tree' (or similar)
    • Give back to business for their sustainability initative

Will all Conscious Consumer businesses be listed?

  • Conscious Consumers is working with a select group of Wellington businesses for this prototype. It is the intention that all businesses are moved onto the new platform during 2018.

How will I provide feedback on my experience of the prototype?

  • You will have the option to provide feedback from your new Conscious Consumers account

  • You may be asked to complete a short online survey