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We connect businesses and consumers for the good of people and planet.

If everyone in the world lived like New Zealanders, we would require two and a half planets to keep up with our demands!

We need to do better. While individuals have power, we can make a bigger impact as a community. Add your values today to see your voice join thousands of others helping businesses see the value of sustainable practices.



Our world-first technology transforms every dollar you spend into a vote for a better world.


Conscious Consumers is a platform that connects the money you spend with the values you care about. By registering your values and cards, you're helping to inform businesses that are working hard to improve their social and environmental impact. Every dollar you spend sends them a message that what you care about matters, and our impact framework makes it easy for you to see who is committed to sustainable practices in the areas you value. 

See the difference we can make when businesses and consumers work together to change the world. 

Learn more about our impact framework

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Step 1:
Tell us what you care about

What actions do you want to see businesses taking to reduce their negative impact? This is your opportunity to take a moment to tell every ‘listening’ business on our platform what you care about. Once selected, you can update your values at any time within your profile.

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Step 2:
Add your payment cards

All of the accredited businesses are already doing good, but they’ve joined Conscious Consumers because they want your help to do better. Adding your payment cards to your profile makes your voice as a consumer even louder. Every swipe of your payment card at a Conscious Consumers business is another vote for action on the issues you care about.

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Step 3: Coming soon!
Download our new app

Registering your values and spending cards can change how businesses operate, but the choices you make as an individual have an impact too. Download our app to find and engage with businesses across a range of industries, see which ones are taking action in areas you care about, and, if you’ve registered your payment cards, track your own good spending. Who knew you could hold so much power in the palm of your hand!

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Your data has power

As business owners work to improve their impact on people and the planet, they value your voice when decision-making. Each registered business can see a high-level summary of what their community cares about. The insights drawn from your collective voice can be a powerful motivator for change. It’s all connected to our goal of empowering a business to see the economic value of the sustainable practices they are, and could be, undertaking.

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You're in safe hands


Adding your values is an easy way to educate businesses about what matters to you. We want to be super transparent about how your personal details and payment card information is stored and used. Your payment cards are never charged at any time — we only collect some of the information on the card so we can verify you've purchased from a registered business. Your personal details are never shared with any third party. Have a quick read of our Privacy Policy for more information.

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Impact in action


Transparency is something that we strongly believe in and we love sharing good news from within our community! As our businesses continue their sustainability journey, you’ll be introduced to the awesome changemakers behind the scenes who are making good things happen. You’ll also receive updates on the actions a business is taking to reduce its impact and see what kind of positive changes your choices might have informed.