We are a New Zealand born social enterprise founded by a group of passionate people who believe the purchasing power of 'conscious consumers' can transform the way business operate and create positive change in our world. Our mission is to create a world where businesses and consumers prioritise people, our planet and animals. Our team is based in Wellington and supported by staff and volunteers across New Zealand and abroad. 



Ben Gleisner, CEO & Co-founder

Before founding Conscious Consumers in 2011, Ben spent six years as a senior analyst at the New Zealand Treasury. He led teams working on energy policy, welfare reform, climate change and non-GDP measures of progress. He has owned a number of successful businesses, charities and social enterprises. Ben has been CEO of Conscious Consumers for four years, and has oversight of all R&D, product development, sales and marketing. 


Melissa Keys, Co-founder & Sustainability Manager 

Melissa has been part of Conscious Consumers since its inception. She is an experienced sustainability advisor and has eight years' experience in central, local government and business sustainability roles. Melissa is passionate about working with others to bring about positive environmental and social change. She manages the online business accreditation systems and consumer values tracker.


Gardner Bickford, Senior Developer

Gardner is a veteran technologist from the Silicon Valley with 12 years experience launching start-ups, committing on open source projects and working with fortune 500 companies. He has excellent technical skills in a broad range of code-bases and has managed many development teams. 


Iain Kirkpatrick, Developer

In a past life Iain worked with data and maps - now he works with data and apps. His passion is for designing elegant systems and experiencing beautiful art – and a fair amount of NBA basketball.


Nanz Nair, Product and Brand designer

Nanz is a product and brand designer who loves to design with purpose. She has a background in social impact projects across start ups, social enterprises, universities and non-profits in Wellington. She enjoys rapid prototyping and often puts her skills to the test at hackathons. At night, she dreams of a more peaceful, equal and sustainable world.



Hugh Gollan, Strategic Advisor

Hugh is keen to see Conscious Consumers take off and soar - just loves that values and ethics can be loudly in front of businesses and right there on the top line. He's an experienced executive and a pioneering social entrepreneur.


Sam Gleisner, Product Owner

Sam runs all product development, process improvement, and communications. Sam most recently worked as a Senior Business Analyst in central government, and has held roles in central government administration, executive search, and hospitality. 


Dan Lewis, Developer

With a background in architecture and disability support Dan pivoted direction and retrained as a developer applying the skills in aiding startups and consulting on client projects to help realise there goals. He is interested in the next economy and building tools towards this. 


Michael Smith, Developer & Scrum Master

Michael has a background in software development and is interested in social enterprise and mental health. He has worked as a teacher at Enspiral Dev Academy and is now working as a consultant. He also likes working on early stage startups.


Simon Jarvis, Marketing & Data Science

Simon is a full-stack creative, digital marketer and technologist who’s excited by the possibilities that technology, the internet and human culture bring when they intersect. He comes from the startup world working with early-stage ventures on rapid and highly agile growth.


Charmaine Meyers, Accountant

Charmaine Meyers is a Chartered Accountant with a passion for Social Enterprise. She has experience within Accounting firms and is currently a Director of Enspiral Accounting. Charmaine is interested in Local Food and is on the committee for her local community garden.

Mary Ehrlicher, Marketing and Design

Mary is a student of Interdisciplinary Design and Urban Studies at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities.  She is passionate about being part of positive social change through creative innovation and has a soft spot for small businesses. 

Russell Golding (Intern)

Russell is currently participating in Live the Dream, a social enterprise accelerator for 18-30 year olds. He is interested in applying his Permaculture design training, undergraduate studies in Psychology, and graduate studies in Sustainable Practice to better support people to live their values through the purchases they make. An internship with Conscious Consumers is a perfect fit.

Jack Tolley, User Experience

Jack is a member of the Enspiral network, a collaboration of consultants and freelancers working on 'stuff that matters'. His background is in events, retreats and workshops, and for Conscious Consumers he is helping us understand our Users better.

Jo Tunna, International Market Analyst

Jo has spent the last five years at New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, supporting a long list of New Zealand companies to grow internationally. Prior to this she held a number of corporate sustainability roles. Jo is exploring international opportunities for Conscious Consumers.


Sofia Luz, Sustainability Advisor

Sofia uses her background in science and passion for sustainable living to assess and accredit business in the Conscious Consumers network. Sofia graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Sustainability from James Cook University, Cairns, Australia, and has a graduate diploma in Human Nutrition from Massey University. Sofia’s main passion is sustainability and she loves to help people understand and learn about how to live sustainable lives whether they are living in the city or the countryside.

Tim Jones, Enterprise Sales Manager

Tim is the Good Growth Guy and he is all about Sales with Purpose. He uses his business development skills to help businesses that are making the world a better place reach their sales objectives. In his role as Enterprise Sales Manager Tim is responsible for introducing larger businesses to the world of Conscious Consumers and how that relationship can benefit them whilst making a positive impact on the world.